Chaps and Rope Drawn in pencil and shaded by Drew Kasunic

 “Tools of the trade” that cowboys use to make a living.

Right after being freshly married, my wife and I had a chance to work for a corporate ranch (then the 8th biggest ranch in America) the Silver Spur in Walden, Co. What country, what an adventure as we worked there. On some of the large gatherings or brandings, cowboys from other ranches would help. 80% of them were Nevada/Washington Buckaroo style cowboys with their flat top hats, stove top boots, armatas with fringe that got stolen off a parade float, 200 feet of rope, 39 calf strings, and a bed sheet for a wild rag.

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I give grief in good fun, now while I josh and kid the hands I saw could rope a calf 100 yards away, cut cows and bulls on their horses while only moving their lips to spit snuff on the ground. I was inspired by the different regions of cowboys and the different tack. From Texas cowpuncher to Washington’s buckaroo to Arizona/ New Mexico bell style chaps, everyone was different. I wanted to reflect in this picture the tools that cowboys use to make a living.

Awesome Mountains with Moon and blue sky in Colorado

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